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Figuring out how and where to buy tickets for events in Japan can be challenging, to say the least.

Our mission is to help visitors from abroad to find tickets, either directly through our website, or by providing detailed information on how to purchase through other channels.

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We offer e-tickets that can be purchased online from outside and within Japan for a growing number of events, especially of the following genres: Electronic Music, Festivals, Hip-Hop, Clubbing, Indie Pop/Rock, EDM, Metal and more.

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Read our detailed guides about buying tickets for events in Japan.

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We regularly add upcoming events all over Japan as well as corresponding ticket information to our calendar.

Ghibli Museum Tickets
If you are looking for tickets for the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo.

NJPW Tickets
See here for tickets for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, or any other wrestling promotion in Japan.

Sumo Tickets
For more information on how to secure Sumo wrestling tickets.

Inquiries About Specific Ticket Information
If you are looking for ticket information for a specific event, add it to our calendar and we’ll be in touch, shortly.

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Through the menu on the top of our website, you can find further resources related to buying event tickets and traveling to Japan for concerts, sports and other performances.

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