Ticket Shopping Service

Japan Concert Tickets does not offer proxy services anymore.

Here are our recommended alternatives:

1. Japan Concert Tickets Shop: We are now an official outlet (e-tickets) for a lot of concerts, music festivals, clubbing events as well as cultural events.
Check our shop if you are looking for tickets for Fuji Rock, ULTRA Japan, Summer Sonic (coming soon) or other EDM festivals, metal, indie, singer & songwriter, hip-hop, techno, comedy and more.

2. See our articles for the following tickets:
Ghibli Tickets
NJPW/Wrestling Tickets
Sumo Tickets

3. Proxy/Ticket Shopping Services
We recommend Tickets Galore Japan (most similar to previous JCT Ticket Service)

4. Eplus (English portal)
The English site of this playguide doesn’t have nearly as many events as their Japanese version, but still quite a bit.

5. Promoters’ own booking pages
Some promoters that organize mostly international artists that offer overseas reservations for some of their events: Udo Artists, Smash Japan, LiveNationJapan

6. International Resale Platforms
Sometimes the only option (especially if sold out): Stubhub / Viagogo

For more general information on buying tickets for events in Japan:
The 5 Fundamental Facts About The Japanese Ticketing System (recommended)
How to buy tickets from abroad
How to buy tickets in Japan