Ghibli Theme Park: How to Get Tickets in 2024 & 2025

What is the Ghibli Park?

The recently opened Studio Ghibli Park in Nagoya is a dream come true for every Ghibli fan. The park has five themed areas, each with its own admission fee:

  1. Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse features Studio Ghibli’s greatest films. The Garden in the Sky displays robot soldiers from Castle in the Sky. In the Director’s Room is Yubaba’s office (Spirited Away). The Cat Bus Room recreates the realm of My Neighbor Totoro. Experience Little People World of Arriety, Children’s Town, and the spectacular mosaic staircase. The Grand Warehouse also has shops, a snack stand, and café area. Cinema Orion screens original Studio Ghibli short animated movies.

  1. Hill of Youth forest has more places to explore Studio Ghibli’s cinematic creations, like the Elevator Tower which appeared in Howl’s Moving Castle and Castle in the Sky. Also drop by the World Emporium Antique Shop (from Whisper of the Heart), the Cat Bureau (The Cat Returns) and the Rotary (Whisper of the Heart).
Elevator Tower in Hill of Youth at Ghibli Park
The Elevator Tower / Image: Kyu3 (CC license)
  1. Dondoko Forest, another wooded expanse, is where you’ll find Satsuki and Mei’s house in the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro. From there, an acorn trail leads to Dondoko-do, a five-meter-high wooden structure inside which children can play.

  1. Mononoke Village, which opened in November 2023, captures the mountain village ambience from the movie Princess Mononoke. At Tatara-ba, a hands-on learning center, you can make traditional Gohei-mochi rice cakes (extra fee). Mononoke Village will also have the Lord Okkoto slide and Demon Spirit.

Note: Only children 12 years of age and under may enter the Cat Bus (in the Cat Bus Room), Children’s Town (in Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse) and Dondoko-do (in Dondoko Forest).

To Premier Soon

Yet another area will be premiering at Ghibli Park in 2024:

  • Valley of Witches, which is scheduled to open on March 16th, 2024, will present features from three different Ghibli films:  Hatter’s Millinery and Howl’s Castle from Howl’s Moving Castle, House of Witches from Earwing and the Witch, and Guchokipanya Bakery and Okino Residence from Kiki’s Delivery Service. It will also have a family entertainment area and restaurant.

Tickets for the Ghibli Park (Even if Sold Out)

To visit Studio Ghibli’s animated world, you have to reserve your ticket in advance, specifying the date and entry time. No tickets are for sale at Ghibli Theme Park itself! Also note that tickets tend to sell out (but if you read on, I will also explain how you can get into the park even if regular tickets are sold out).

Before arriving in Japan, you can order your official tickets online through Studio Ghibli Park’s English-language platform. If you are already in Japan, tickets have to be purchased on the domestic site.

If you find yourself in the situation of not being able to book tickets for the dates you are in Japan, don’t despair: there is one more option even when tickets are sold out (and it isn’t resale tickets): Klook offers a 1-day tour which includes entry to the Ghibli Park, and tends to be bookable even when there are no regular tickets anymore.
It is more expensive than just the tickets, but it also includes transportation from Nagoya to the park, as well as a visit to another Ghibli-related attraction (Aichi Museum of Flight).

The regular ticket price for each sector of the park is:

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse

Weekdays – Adults: 2,000 ¥ (13.50 USD), children (4-12 years old): 1,000 ¥ (about 7 USD)

Weekends – Adults: 2,500 ¥ (17 USD), children (4-12): 1,250 ¥ (8.50 USD)

Hill of Youth

Every day – Adults: 1,000 ¥ (about 7 USD), children (4-12 years old): 500 ¥ (3.50 USD)

Dondoko Forest

Every day – Adults: 1,000 ¥ (about 7 USD), children (4-12 years old): 500 ¥ (3.50 USD)

Prices include tax. Children aged three years and under enter all sites for free. Visitors with a disability certificate and one companion pay half-price.

How to Get to Ghibli Park

Ghibli Park is located in Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park, in Aichi Prefecture. It is easily accessible from closeby Nagoya city (approx. 230 kilometers west of Tokyo).

The easiest way to get to Ghibli Theme Park from Nagoya is by subway and Linimo train (one of the few existing magnetic levitation – or maglev – trains in the world). At Nagoya station, you take the subway Higashiyama Line to Fujigaoka station. There you change to the the Linimo train line to Ai-Chikyuhaku Kinen Koen. Ghibli Park is outside Exit 2. The total ride takes around 50 minutes (from Nagoya station).

Another option is to take the Meitetsu shuttle bus service from Nagoya Station to Aichi Expo Commemorative Park. Five shuttles run on weekdays, and six on weekends and holidays. The cost is 1,000 ¥ (about 7 USD) for adults and 500 ¥ (3.50 USD) for children.

If you arrive at Chubu Centrair International Airport, there is also a direct shuttle service to the Park that operates once daily (adults: 2,000 ¥ / 13.50 USD, children: 1,000 ¥ / 7 USD).


Meitetsu Bus

Opening Hours of the Ghibli Park

As of the time of writing, the Ghibli Theme Park is open weekdays 10:00-17:00. On weekends and holidays, hours are 9:00-17:00. The park is closed on Tuesday, except when it’s a national holiday (then it is closed the following weekday). The park is also closed over the New Year holiday. Make sure to check the Park Calendar.

Entry hours for each sector are:

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse – 12:00 and 14:00

Hill of Youth – 11:00 and 15:00

Dondoko Forest – 11:00 and 15:00

Entry into the park is at the time assigned on your ticket – but you may stay as long as you like until the park closes for the day.

Hotels Near Ghibli Park

Title image: Kyu3
License: CC BY-SA 4.0

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