KARA: Japan Tour Dates & Ticket Details 2024 & 2025

KARA is a South Korean girl group formed by DSP Media in 2007. The group debuted with four members and later added a fifth member in 2008. They quickly rose to fame with their catchy pop sound and dynamic performances, becoming one of the most popular girl groups in South Korea.

KARA’s discography includes hit songs such as “Mister”, “Jumping” and “Lupin”, which showcase the group’s powerful vocals and addictive choreography. The group is known for their energetic and charismatic stage presence, making their live performances a true spectacle to behold.

In addition to their music, KARA is also recognized for their fashion and style, often setting trends in the South Korean music industry. They have won multiple awards and accolades throughout their career, solidifying their status as one of the most successful and enduring girl groups in K-Pop.