About Japan Concert Tickets was founded in 2013 by music fan Alan P. who had fallen in love with the Tokyo live scene. Since then, the site has grown significantly without changing its initial mission: to make Japanese live events more accessible to fans from all over the world.

Today, you will find regular event updates, information on how to buy tickets to Japanese concerts, music festival, sports events as well as other attractions such as museums, Sumo or Pro-Wrestling on this site.

Also, you can buy tickets directly through us! No matter if you live in Japan, or planning to visit the country as a tourist, you can purchase tickets in our ticket shop or through our affiliates (we might receive a small commission, that helps us run this site).

In cooperation with Zaiko, Japan Concert Tickets now offers official tickets. We are constantly looking for new and better avenues for foreigners to get their hands on Japanese tickets. If you want to offer tickets on our site, advertise to a large but very specific audience, or promote your events, please contact us below.

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If you have any questions about this site, want to contribute or advertise on, you can get in touch by writing to (please note that this email is not for ticket requests; see here instead).

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