The Studio Ghibli Museum Ticket Guide (2024 Edition)

The Ghibli Museum, conceived by its legendary director Hayao Miyazaki himself, is a must-visit item on many visitors’ Tokyo itinerary.

What many don’t realize is: tickets have to be purchased in advance for a specific date and time-slots. You cannot just arrive and get them at the entrance!

However, buying Studio Ghibli tickets online (or offline) can be confusing as there are many different options, at widely diverging prices and conditions.

In this guide, you’ll find the best option for buying your entrance tickets well in advance, last-minute, or even if sold out.

This article also covers the basics such as ticket prices, the time slot system and other important things you need to know before visiting the museum.

In a hurry? Jump right to our recommendations for where to buy tickets!

Otherwise, read on to learn about all the important details.

Most Important Tips For BEFORE You Visit the Ghibli Museum

If possible, book ahead of time

Before Japan became the super-popular tourist destination it is now, it used to be possible to get Ghibli Museum tickets last-minute. Nowadays, they tend to sell out shortly after they go on sale. We recommend booking them at least 3 months before your visit, so be on the safe side.

Visit during the week

It is better to visit the museum on weekdays, since weekends (and public holidays) tend to sell out quickly and are usually packed.

Choose your time slot wisely

Tickets are valid for a specific time slot (entry time) on a specific date. You can maximize your time inside the museum by booking tickets for a time slot in the morning. There is no time limit to your visit, once you are inside.

Tip for visitors from overseas
Since 2019 it has become even more difficult to obtain Ghibli Museum Tickets from abroad, with many purchase channels removing Ghibli tickets from their offers. Booking a tour which includes an entry ticket might be the only way you can get into the museum (usually you are free to explore by yourself once in the museum). See our tour section for more information.

General Information About Ghibli Museum Tickets

Ticket Price

The official ticket prices are:

Adults: JPY 1,000 (US$ 7)
Teens (ages 13-18): JPY 700 (US$ 5)
Children (ages 7-12): JPY 400 (US$ 3)
Children (ages 4-6): JPY 100 (US$ 0.75)
Children (under 4 years): free (no ticket needed)

The prices above are what you pay if you purchase the ticket at a Lawson convenience store in Japan.

If you book online, or through an agency, the price will be higher because they include additional fees and services. Some sites don’t have children tickets, so you’ll need to purchase an adult ticket, even if younger than 19 years old.

ID/Name Checks

The name on the ticket will be checked at the entrance in every case. This means that you have to:

  • Book or have your tickets booked under your name, as shown on your passport or ID. If you are buying for someone else, use their name.
  • Make sure everyone you booked tickets for enters together with the person printed on the tickets.
  • Don’t buy resale tickets from unauthorized sources (eBay, Craigslist, Yahoo Auctions and similar) since these will probably have someone else’s name on them.
  • Tickets booked through the methods or agencies mentioned here will always provide valid tickets.

Time Slots

When buying a ticket, you usually have to select one of four entry times:

10:00 (enter by 10:30)
12:00 (enter by 12:30)
14:00 (enter by 14:30)
16:00 (enter by 16:30)

We recommend arriving even before the indicated time, since the queue can become quite long. If you don’t make it in time shown above, you won’t be able to enter!

Note that there is no time limit, once you are inside the museum. However, it closes at 18:00, so if you enter at 16:30, you only have 1.5 hours to view the exhibits (and to visit the gift shop).

On the other hand, the two middle slots are the most popular. Thus, we recommend the morning slots to visitors who are flexible.

Of course the time slot will be fixed if you book a Ghibli Museum Tour (as opposed to only tickets), which might be the only way to get into the museum, if you are visiting from abroad.

So now that you know all about Studio Ghibli tickets, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to buy them!

Cat Bus at Ghibli Museum Tokyo Japan
Real life-size cat bus at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.
Image credit: Ryan Hyde used under CC.

How to Buy Tickets (Our Recommendations)

Below are our recommendations for buying tickets in three different situations:

Buying Tickets When Sold Out

Ghibli museum tickets tend to sell out months in advance. If tickets are sold out at Lawson, there’s still a trick not many know about. Some tour operators offer packages which include a guaranteed entry ticket to the museum.

Buying Tickets Last-Minute (in Japan)

Firstly, tickets are not sold at the museum. You might be lucky and tickets still available from the Loppi machine at Lawson convenience stores. However, chances are tickets can – as above – only be bought as part of a package from travel agencies.

Buying Tickets at the Lowest Price

The cheapest place to purchase Ghibli Museum tickets is Lawson tickets. This includes the English or Japanese website of Lawson online, as well as the Lawson convenience stores (at the Loppi Machine). There, tickets are sold at the original price of 1,000yen (and less for children). However, note that tickets at Lawson usually sell out quickly!

All 6 Options for Purchasing Ghibli Museum Tickets

Option 1: Lawson’s English Website

Booking through Lawson Tickets (aka L-tike) is the cheapest overseas option. However, the risk of missing out is higher than through other sales channels. This is because not all available tickets are bookable on the English site.

When to buy
Tickets go on sale on Lawson online every 10th of the previous month (10am Japan Standard Time; GMT +9). In other words, if you want to visit the museum anytime in May, you can buy tickets starting from April 10th.


  • Sold at face value (original price)
  • Available online and in English


  • Tends to sell out very quickly

Go to Online Ghibli Tickets at Lawson (English)

Option 2: Lawson’s Japanese Website

For some reason, the Japanese site of Lawson Ticket sometimes still has tickets, when they are already sold out on the English site.

The caveats: you need to be able to navigate a Japanese website, and you need a Japanese mobile phone number for SMS verification to register a Lawson account. Luckily, you can buy Japanese SIM cards with a real Japanese phone number quite easily from Mobal (even when still abroad, though it will only work once you arrive in Japan).

When to buy
Tickets go on sale every 10th of the previous month (10am Japan Standard Time; GMT +9). In other words, if you want to visit the museum anytime in May, you can buy tickets starting from April 10th.


  • Sold at face value (original price)
  • Better availability than English site


  • Difficult to impossible to use for non-residents of Japan
  • Sells out quickly

Go to Online Ghibli Tickets at Lawson (Japanese)

Option 3: Lawson Convenience Stores in Japan (Loppi Machine)

You can purchase tickets in person using the Loppi machine in any of the Lawson convenience stores. There is no need to register an account, or pay extra fees. However, tickets for most slots tend to sell out within hours or days.

When to buy
Tickets go on sale every 10th of the previous month (10am Japan Standard Time; GMT +9). In other words, if you want to visit the museum anytime in May, you can buy tickets starting from April 10th.


  • Sold at face value (original price)
  • Better availability than the English Lawson website (same inventory as on the Japanese version)


  • You have to be in Japan already
  • Loppi system is in Japanese only (but see picture guide linked below)
  • Sells out quickly

Go to How to purchase at Lawsons (guide with pictures).

Ghibli Museum Laputa Robot Statue
The iconic Laputa robot on the roof of the museum. Image credit: Wei-Te Wong used under CC.

Option 4: JTB Group Travel Agencies (only in some countries)

This used to be one of the most convenient options. However, JTB Travel Agencies around the world either stopped selling tickets altogether, or only offer them as part of a larger package (as of 2023).

Option 5: Tours Packages Including Tickets

Booking a Ghibli Museum tour does not mean that the visit of the museum itself will be guided (i.e. you are free to roam and explore by yourself inside the museum). Depending on the details of the tour offer, it could include transportation, and/or short guided activities in the neighborhood of the museum, or at other Ghibli-related locations in Tokyo.


  • Sometimes available even last minute
  • Could still be available even if sold out elsewhere
  • More Ghibli-related sightseeing might be included
  • Easy to book


  • More expensive than the original ticket price


For around JPY 4,000 (approx. US$ 28) per person, you get a guided walking tour from Kichijoji station through the Inokashira Park to the Studio Ghibli Museum (approx. 30 min), plus the entrance ticket for the museum. If, in fact, you only wanted museum tickets, this is the closest offer.


The half-day tour the popular online KKday offers costs JPY 7,890 (approx. USD 54) and includes admission and a walk through Inokashira park before reaching the museum.


Viator offers a Tokyo Studio Ghibli Museum and Ghibli Film Appreciation Tour for JPY 22,000 (approx. US$ 150) which includes visits to the museum, various locations in Tokyo which were inspirations for the Hayao Miyazaki movies and lunch (but no pick-up from hotel). This tends to sell out quickly because it is only available on certain days.

Studio Ghibli Museum Sign
Studio Ghibli Museum sign post in the neighborhood. Image credit: Kentaro Ohno used under CC.

Option 6: Mitaka Neighborhood Tickets

This option will be out of reach for almost anyone, but we’ll still cover it for the sake of completeness.

If you live, work or visit school in Mitaka City, Musashino, Koganei or Nishitokyo, you are eligible to purchase “Neighborhood Tickets” at the Mitaka City Tourism Association Office. If by any chance you satisfy these requirements, the deal is pretty good; they can sell 50+50 tickets per day (for am and pm) at face value, from 3 months before the dates and until the last minute.

It would be futile to try to get Ghibli museum tickets this way, if you don’t satisfy the requirements above, though. Proof in form of official documents has to be shown at the time of purchase. More information in English here.

Directions to the Ghibli Museum

The museum is easily reached by public transport (train and bus).

Take the JR Chuo Line to either JR Mitaka Station or Kichijoji Station.
From either of these train stations, you can reach the anime museum within just 15 minutes walking. The route from Kichijoji includes a pleasant walk through Inokashira Park.

From Mitaka Station, you can also catch bus No.9 which stops at the Studio Ghibli Museum. It leaves every 10 minutes and tickets are sold at the bus stop. Ticket prices are JPY 210 for a single trip (JPY 320 return trip) for adults, and JPY 110/JPY 160 for children between 7-12 years.

The address of the museum is:

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka
1-chome 1-83 Shimorenjaku
Mitaka, Tokyo 181-0013, Japan

See on Google Maps

What is Your Experience Buying Studio Ghibli Museum Tickets?

Hopefully this guide helped you in your quest to obtain Ghibli museum tickets! If you have made any experiences worth spreading, or found anything lacking in this guide, let us know or comment below!

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