Tohoshinki Japan Live Tour 2017-2018 ~Begin Again~ (Updated)

This post is about a past tour. You can find upcoming Tohoshinki concerts in Japan here.

This winter, the K-Pop duo Tohoshinki (aka TVXQ or Dong Bang Shin Ki) will tour Japan for the third time in their career. As of now, 14 shows in 5 major Japanese cities have been announced. Depending on ticket demand, more shows might be added at a later point in time.

To reward long-time fan club members, the absolutely best seats (Super Premium Seats) will only be available to fans who have been members of the Japanese fan club (“Bigeast”) for 6 years straight! However, there will still be plenty of seats for non-fan club members, so don’t worry! ;)

Below, you can find more information on how to purchase tickets for the Tohoshinki Japan shows in 2017 and 2018.

Update 2017/11/11: Due to high demand, three additional shows have been announced in Jan 2018 see below).

Concert dates


November 11th (Sat) – Sapporo Dome, Hokkaido Doors: 15:00 / Start: 17:00
November 25th (Sat) – Tokyo Dome Doors: 16:00 / Start: 18:00
November 26th (Sun) – Tokyo Dome 
Doors: 16:00 / Start: 18:00
November 27th (Mon) – Tokyo Dome 
Doors: 16:00 / Start: 18:00
December 2nd (Sat) – Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome Doors: 16:00 / Start: 18:00
December 3rd (Sun) – Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome Doors: 14:00 / Start: 16:00
December 20th (Wed) – Tokyo Dome Doors: 16:00 / Start: 18:00
December 21st (Thu) – Tokyo Dome 
Doors: 16:00 / Start: 18:00
December 26th (Tue) – Kyocera Dome, Osaka Doors: 16:30 / Start: 18:30
December 27th (Wed) – Kyocera Dome, Osaka Doors: 16:30 / Start: 18:30
December 28th (Wed) – Kyocera Dome, Osaka Doors: 16:30 / Start: 18:30


January 12th (Fri) – Nagoya Dome Doors: 16:30 / Start: 18:30
January 13th (Sat) – Nagoya Dome Doors: 14:00 / Start: 16:00
January 14th (Sun) – Nagoya Dome Doors: 14:00 / Start: 16:00
Additional shows:
January 19th (Fri) – Kyocera Dome, Osaka Doors: 16:30 / Start: 18:30
January 20th (Sat) – Kyocera Dome, Osaka Doors: 14:00 / Start: 16:00
January 21st (Sun) – Kyocera Dome, Osaka Doors: 14:00 / Start: 16:00

Ticket categories

Prices don’t include fees (face value only).
Super Premium Seats: JPY 24,800 (for long-time fan club members only)
Premium Seats:JPY 24,800 (only for fan club or Yahoo Plus members)
S seats (with penlight): JPY 11,800
Front row S seats (with penlight): JPY 11,800 (first rows of upper area; standing prohibited)
S seats (without penlight): JPY 10,800
Front row S seats (without penlight): JPY 10,800 (first rows of upper area; standing prohibited)

How to buy tickets

First, tickets will only be sold through the Japanese fan club. Subsequently, there will be preorder lotteries for Yahoo Ticket Plus members (not to be confused with Yahoo Auction), and later for regular Yahoo Ticket members. Regular S seats without penlight might also be sold through other retailers, such as eplus or Ticket Pia, at a later stage.

If you are already in Japan, you can try to purchase tickets by one or more of the methods described in our article here (as long as they are not sold out).

If you want to purchase them from abroad, you will most probably need the help of a middleman service like our Ticket Service. Japanese ticket sites are usually in Japanese only, and foreign credit cards cannot be used in most cases. You can easily request a quote from us by completing our quote form here.

Some of the shows seem to be sold out already. If you are interested in resale tickets, you can find such tickets, for example on Viagogo. However, beware that there could be ID checks!

Disclaimer: *** Information as of Nov 11th, 2017 but subject to change without notice / more dated might be added later / accuracy of this information is not guaranteed / make sure to double-check if you are planning to attend these shows ***

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