Shiina Ringo Japan Tour 2018

This post is about a past tour. For upcoming Sheena Ringo concerts in Japan, see >here<.

After a break from touring, Shiina (aka Sheena) Ringo has come back to the biggest arena stages of the country. Her tour plans consist of 8 shows in 4 cities across Japan (Shizuoka, Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka). If you want to hear some Tokyo Jihen (aka Tokyo Incidents) classics as well as her some of her solo works live, don’t miss this chance! You never know how long her next touring break will be.

Concert Dates

October 20th (Sat) – Ecopa Arena, Shizuoka
Doors: 17:00 / Start: 18:00

October 21st (Sun) – Ecopa Arena, Shizuoka
Doors: 16:00 / Start: 17:00

November 2nd (Fri) – Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka
Doors: 18:00 / Start: 19:00

November 3rd (Sat) – Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka
Doors: 16:30 / Start: 17:30

November 22nd (Thu) – Saitama Super Arena, Greater Tokyo
Doors: 18:00 / Start: 19:00

November 24th (Sat) – Saitama Super Arena, Greater Tokyo
Doors: 16:00 / Start: 17:00

November 25th (Sun) – Saitama Super Arena, Greater Tokyo
Doors: 15:30 / Start: 16:30

November 30th (Fri) – Marine Messe, Fukuoka
Doors: 18:00 / Start: 19:00

Ticket categories

Reserved Seats: JPY 9,999

Seat numbers can usually not be selected, except if you purchase from resellers who already have their tickets in hand.

Note: Children under 6 years are not allowed entry. Children aged 6 or above need a ticket.

How to buy tickets

Tickets for all shows are sold out at this point. However, it’s still possible to purchase through Japanese resale platforms such as Ticket Street or Ticket Ryutsu Center. This might be difficult to impossible to do if you don’t live in Japan, but our JCT Ticket Service can help you with it.

Disclaimer: *** Information as of Oct 20th, 2018 but subject to change without notice / accuracy of this information is not guaranteed / make sure to double-check if you are planning to attend these shows ***

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