Rolling Stones Japan Tour 2014

Breaking news: The Rolling Stones will set Tokyo Dome on fire in 2014!

Three shows have been announced (so far):

Tokyo Dome – February 26th (Wed)
Tokyo Dome – March 4th (Tue)
Tokyo Dome – March 6th (Thu)

It wouldn’t entirely surprise me, if additional shows were announced on the weekend between February 26th and March 4th after a few weeks and if ticket sale starts well.

Tickets can be pre-ordered through a lottery by Ticket Pia here. However, to pay and pick up the tickets, you will have to be in Japan, since payment has to be made at a local Seven-Eleven convenience store. At least, no Japanese credit card is required, as payment can be made in cash. Tickets will be ready for pick-up when regular sale starts (on January 18th). To take part in the lottery, register a Pia account first.

Note that in Japan, the seats cannot be chosen by the buyer, but are allocated automatically by the ticketing system. One can only choose the number of consecutive seats and the ticket category…everything else is up to your luck (although, as a general rule, the earlier you order, the better the seat)!

At this (pre-order) stage, only two ticket categories are available:

S seats
Usually, most of the seats in Tokyo Dome are S seats. They can be in the arena or on the first or second floor stands.
These tickets are priced at JPY 18’000, but you will have to pay around JPY 12’275 in additional fees (pre-order fee, ticketing fee, payment fee, system fee, etc.), even if buying directly from Ticket Pia.

GC (“Golden Circle”) seats
These are the seats around the main and secondary stage. They are as expensive as they are close to Mick & co! Each seat is priced at JPY 80’000, excluding any of the additional fees.

A and B seats will be offered when regular sale starts. They are cheaper (JPY 16’000 and JPY 14’000, respectively) but are either very far away or offer otherwise less-than-optimal view (e.g. behind the stage).

VIP packages have been announced, but details will be given around Dec 19th. There will be at least 2 packages, one including GC seats and official goods, another one including 1st or 2nd row S seats and official goods. Check (in Japanese) for more information on the VIP packages. English information might become available here:

If you are living outside Japan but still want to get a chance to see the Rolling Stones in Tokyo, check out our JCT ticket service. And by the way, Eric Clapton will also be in town at the same time!

For more information about the venue (Tokyo Dome), including an interactive seat map, we recommend this site:

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