Japanese Live Streams (Online Concerts) – February 2021 Edition

Here is our Japanese Online Concert / Live Stream list for February 2021! We’ll be updating it semi-regularly, so make sure to check back, or subscribe to our Newsletter.

There are some pretty cool artists coming up, from a wide variety of genres. So I recommend you to browse the list below. Maybe your favorite one is in there?

Tickets for all online concerts we list here should be available to fans abroad, which means that you can buy tickets and attend the live stream even if you don’t live in Japan.

※Disclaimer: As with all concert listings, typos or mistakes are possible. Please also check the official link in the listing.


MURAKAMI JAM (produced by Murakami Haruki, featuring Lisa Ono, Kaori Muraji, Miu Sakamoto and more)
February 14 (Sun)
Note: video with English subtitles available on Feb 17th, 19:00

  • Starting Time: 14:00 – 16:00 JST
  • Event Title: HARUKI MURAKAMI produce MURAKAMI JAM ~Blame it on the Bossa Nova~ (English subtitles)
  • Event Link: Info & Tickets
  • Archive: Until 2/24 (Wed), 23:59
  • Cost: JPY 4,851

Kanon Masaki
February 14 (Sun)

  • Genre: J-Pop
  • Starting Time: 21:00 JST
  • Event Title: Valentine’s Day Live 2021
  • Event Link: Info & Tickets
  • Archive: Until 2/17 (Wed), 23:59
  • Cost: JPY 1,980
February 16 (Tue)

  • Genre: J-Pop, J-Idol
  • Starting Time: 19:00 JST
  • Event Title: Dempagumi inc.『UltraMaximumPostiveStory!!~Let’s go to the future~』
  • Event Link: Info & Tickets
  • Archive: Until 2/22 (Wed), 23:59
  • Cost: JPY 3,674

Glim Spanky 
February 20 (Sat)

  • Genre: J-Pop
  • Starting Time: 18:00 JST
  • Event Title: GLIM SPANKY ONE-MAN LIVE “Walking On Fire” 2021
  • Event Link: Info & Tickets
  • Archive: Until 2/23 (Tue), 23:59
  • Cost: JPY 2,800

February 23 (Tue)

  • Genre: J-Pop, Animson
  • Starting Time: 18:30 JST
  • Event Title: May’n 15th Anniversary Monthly Concert「1 to 5」
  • Event Link: Info & Tickets
  • Archive: Until 2/26 (Fri), 23:59
  • Cost: from JPY 3,900

February 25 (Thu)

  • Genre: J-Idol
  • Starting Time: 19:30 JST
  • Event Title: February Chu-Z Online Show
  • Event Link: Info & Tickets
  • Archive: Until 2/28 (Sun), 23:59
  • Cost: JPY 2,500

February 26 (Fri)

  • Genre: J-Pop, OST
  • Starting Time: 20:00 JST
  • Event Title: SUGA SHIKAO 24th Anniversary Fan Meeting 「電リク!ソロキャンプ」
  • Event Link: Info & Tickets
  • Archive: Until 3/1 (Mon), 23:59
  • Cost: JPY 2,000

February 26 (Fri)

  • Genre: J-Rock
  • Starting Time: 21:30 JST
  • Event Title: FLOW SPECIAL ONLINE LIVE (All Album Comprehensive) Flame of 12 Months
  • Event Link: Info & Tickets
  • Archive: Until 2/27 (Mon), 23:30
  • Cost: from JPY 2,860

February 28 (Sun)

  • Genre: J-Metal
  • Starting Time: 18:00 JST
  • Event Title:「3rd Online Show」
  • Event Link: Info & Tickets
  • Archive: Until 3/3 (Wed), 23:59
  • Cost: JPY 3,000

Sources: Lawson TicketsZaiko, Reddit


Buying tickets for the online live-streaming is usually very similar to buying tickets for a regular concert!

This is the general process (there are exceptions):

1st step: Go to the ticket sales page (see “Info & Ticket” links above) and purchase the e-ticket.

2nd step: You will receive a ticket purchase confirmation by email. It includes all the show details and a link to the stream.

3rd step: The stream will start at the time indicated on the ticket. Get your popcorn and light sticks ready and enjoy the show! The stream is in real-time, but a recording will usually also be available for a very limited time after the live stream has ended (as “archive” stream).

Disclaimer: Information and currency exchange rates as of February 13th, 2021, but subject to change without notice / accuracy of this information is not guaranteed / make sure to double-check if you are planning to attend these shows

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