GORILLAZ Virtual Concert on 12.12 (Sat): Song Machine Live Stream


Their virtual concert series “SONG MACHINE LIVE” consists of 3 different live performances in different time zones around the world.

  1. The Asian time zone livestream will start on Dec 12th, 8pm JST (Japan Standard Time)
  2. The America time zone livestream starts on Dec 12th, 4pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)
  3. The Europe time zone livestream will begin on Dec 13th, 7pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Tip: Luckily, Google is great at quickly converting time zones! Just google the information above and your city, for example: “8pm JST to Paris“.

Tickets for the Asian livestream are now available on JapanConcertTickets: Buy tickets here.

Ticket prices:

JPY 1,600 (Asian time zone live stream ticket)
JPY 3,200 (Around the World ticket for all 3 streams)
JPY 3,500 (4 tickets and party pack >more info<)


Buying tickets for the online live streaming is very similar to buying tickets for a regular concert!

1st step: Go to the ticket sales page and purchase the e-ticket.

2nd step: You will receive a ticket purchase confirmation by email. It includes all the show details and a link to the stream.

3rd step: The stream will start at the time indicated on the ticket. Get your popcorn and drinks ready and enjoy the show! The stream is in real-time but a recording will also be available for a very limited time after the live stream has ended (see above).

Disclaimer: Information and currency exchange rates as of Dec 1st, 2020 but subject to change without notice / accuracy of this information is not guaranteed / make sure to double-check if you are planning to attend these shows

Image credit: GORILLAZ/Zaiko

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