[DUA LIPA Live Streaming Tickets] Watch Dua Lipa ‘Studio 2054’ Livestream in Japan on Nov 28th (Asia Pacific Stream)

Dua Lipa has announced her “multidimensional” live-streaming event ‘Studio 2054′ that will blow your mind! It will be transmitted at different times around the globe and tickets are on sale now.

Special guests: Miley Cyrus, Angele, FKA Twigs and more!

In Japan, you can watch it this November 28th, 6pm (18:00) local time.

Tickets cost JPY 1,500, or JPY 2,000 if you want to participate in an online after-party featuring guest DJs and behind-the-scenes footage before the live performance.

All you need to do is buy them below, and follow the instructions sent to you by email.



The Studio 2054 live stream concert follows the release of Dua Lipa’s newest album Future Nostalgia, earlier this year. However, it won’t be a normal concert, not your regular online live stream: 

  1. It will be a “kaleidoscopic rocket fuelled journey through time, space, mirror balls, roller discos, bucket hats, belting beats, throbbing bass lines and an absolute slam dunk of the best of times in global culture throughout the decades”. That tells you all, doesn’t it!
  2. The show will feature acrobats, guest starts and surprise performers. Let’s get surprised!
  3. The event will be transmitted separately in four different time zones. If you live in Asia or Oceania, the best one will be Stream 4 (Asia Pacific). If you buy your tickets here, you will be able to watch at 6 pm Japan time on LIVENow.
  4. There won’t be any recorded video to watch later, so don’t miss it!
  5. You have the option to join an Aftershow Party and watch behind the scene recordings if you buy the upgraded tickets (JPY 2,000).

Disclaimer: Information and currency exchange rates as of Nov 2nd, 2020 but subject to change without notice / accuracy of this information is not guaranteed / make sure to double-check if you are planning to attend these shows

Image credit: Dua Lipa/Zaiko

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