Best Christmas Eve Concerts in Tokyo in 2017

Tokyo-ites love parting with their favorite J-Pop artist on Xmas day, so there are plenty of performances on Xmas Eve 2017.

Here are some of the most interesting acts this year, the best Christmas Eve concerts in Tokyo in 2017!

Before talking about idol groups and J-Pop veterans, let me highlight a (somewhat) traditional Japanese music concert, by the world-famous Taiko drumming group KODO! They will be performing at the Bunkyo Civic Hall on the 24th (and in fact, on the 4 days before, too).

Now, let’s see what there is for the J-Rock fans out there.

HYDE is certainly one of the most iconic J-Rock vocalists of our time, being lead singer of both L’Arc~en~ciel and Vamps. At his two shows at Makuhari Messe (Dec 23 & 24) he will probably be performing more of his solo work, but fans or “Raruku” will be interested to know that Ken (L’arc~en~ciel) is listed as guest guitarist! Tickets go on sale on Dec 9th, but don’t expect them to be available for very long. Once you have your tickets, note that there is a dress code at these shows (“Smart Casual”).

But wait! If you’re a fan of major-label J-rock you might want to consider the following shows before you buy your Hyde tickets; LUNA SEA will be playing on the same nights (Dec 23 & 24), at the massive Saitama Super Arena (a short train ride away from central Tokyo).

Kyoharu (Kuroyume vocalist) is also performing solo, though only on Christmas eve. This will be in a much smaller venue though, the DUO Music Exchange in Shibuya.

All-female rock band SCANDAL has been touring a lot this year, but there is little doubt that they will fill Asakusa Blitz. Make sure to check them out before tickets go on sale (Nov 25th)!

Let’s see, you’re not much of a head-banger but prefer pretty boys who can sing and dance well? While K-Pop groups like EXO and Tohoshinki are performing in other cities on Christmas, here are some Japanese boy groups might make you happy this Christmas:

CODE-V is scheduled to play at the Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama, near beautiful Sakuragicho.

The eight tall “ikemen” (min. height of 180 cm) of SOLIDEMO will be performing at Toyosu PIT and it will sound something like this:

Not as tall, but still a bigger act are the guys from Choutokkyu (超特急) who are inviting their fans to the Makuhari Messe Event Hall.

If you are looking for a more intimate gig; Fukui J-Pop duo Salley is going to play the small “Shibuya 7th floor” venue, once at 13:30 and once at 18:00.

Christmas Eve is date day in Japan, but not for the girls of the following Idol groups who are performing on 24th:

Former Hello!Project members Ciao Bella Cinquetti have chosen F.A.D Yokohama as the place for their Christmas celebration.

Slightly Babymetal-influenced STARMARIE will be rocking at Heaven’s Rock Saitama at 13:00 and 18:00.

The better known Lovely Doll (愛乙女★DOLL)  is going to delight their fans at Tsutaya O-West in Shibuya.

DEAR KISS for their part, will be showing off their dance moves at Yamaha Ginza Studio.
Check them out below:

Not an Idol fan? How about some “good time Rock’n’Roll”? So-onji (“temple of noise”) will rock the live house at Shimokitazawa Club Que.

Or how about some Japanese pop-rock dinosaurs with… ahem…interesting sense of fashion? The Alfee will make some Japanese baby-boomers feel quite nostalgic at Budokan. You must be a pretty big name if you can reserve that famous stadium on both 23rd and 24th of December!

Talking of nostalgia, if you were into 80s idols, the following show might be for you. Akina Nakamori, the former idol with power-house voice, will give two luxurious “dinner shows” at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba.

What about Visual kei you ask?

We say two words: NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST! At Shibuya WWW X.

But there is more. For example:
JUPITER, who’ll play at Aoyama RizM
the RAID. at Zepp DiverCity
J at EDGE Ikebukuro
A9 at Differ Ariake
Belle at Ikebukuro Cyber

Some more shows on Christmas Eve (various genres):

 at Shinagawa Intercity Hall
Hirai Ken at Yokohama Arena (also on 23rd)
Endo Masaaki at Daiichi Seimei Hall
MICHAEL at Sanya Hall (also on 23rd)
Onsen Musume at Nakano ZERO
Kudo Shizuka at Keio Plaza Hotel
The Ladybird at Shinjuku Samurai
Skoop On Somebody at Nakano Sun Plaza
Yukihide Takekawa at Kashiwagakki Urawa Forum Hall
Toshihiko Tahara at Galaxy Room, Westin Tokyo
Park Bo-gum at Makuhari Messe
Mio Yamazaki at Zepp Tokyo
Homecomings at Shibuya Club Quattro
Peropero Yaritai Wazu / Oreskaband / Singalong Parade at Chikamatsu Shimokitazawa

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