Update: New tour announced! All about the 2020 Japan shows, here.

BTS (aka Bangtan Boys/防弾少年団) are re-visiting Japan this November/December 2019 for a handful of “Fan Meeting” shows.

They will take place in Tokyo (or rather, a short train ride outside the city, in Makuhari), as well as in Osaka.

Being possibly the most popular act of this year, tickets are expected to sell extremely fast! Read on for more information about ticket sale, below.

Fan Meeting Dates

November 23rd (Sat) – ZOZO Marine Stadium, Chiba Pref. (near Tokyo)
Doors: 13:30 / Start: 15:30
Hotels/AirBnBs near ZOZO Marine Stadium

November 24th (Sun) – ZOZO Marine Stadium, Chiba Pref. (near Tokyo)
Doors: 13:30 / Start: 15:30
Hotels/AirBnBs near ZOZO Marine Stadium

December 14th (Sat) – Kyocera Dome, Osaka
Doors: 15:30 / Start: 17:30
Hotels/AirBnBs near Kyocera Dome

December 15th (Sun) – Kyocera Dome, Osaka
Doors: 13:30 / Start: 15:30
Hotels/AirBnBs near Kyocera Dome

Ticket categories

Fan club reserved seats: ¥9,900 (including “stage side” and “experience seat” tickets)
Reserved seats (public sale): ¥11,000

These tickets have an assigned seat numbers, and they could basically be anywhere in the stadium. FC tickets tend to be better than regular tickets, but sometimes the view from a regular seat might be better than from a bad FC seat.

Stage Side seats are on the very side of the stage, possibly closer than other seats, but with limited view of the stage and/or performance.
Experience Seats (“taikan seki”) are for seats behind the stage. You might get a glimpse of the back of a BTS member if lucky, but it’s really just for people who just want to be there and enjoy the atmosphere, rather than get a full concert experience.

Sales Phases

Fan Club Presale: finished
General sale on playguides: from November 9th

If you couldn’t purchase tickets through the fan club or general sale, resale tickets might be the only remaining option, BUT they are very risky because ID/Fan Club ID checks have been announced for these shows. Currently, tickets are available on Viagogo, but it is unclear how they will have the original seller enter together with the buyer, or how they will deal with the ID checks.

Disclaimer: *** Information as of October 31st, 2019 but subject to change without notice / accuracy of this information is not guaranteed / make sure to double-check if you are planning to attend these shows ***

Image credit: mduangdara, used under CC.

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