How to Buy Ayumi Hamasaki Concert Tickets in 2021

Tickets for Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki. Photo by RICH / CC BY.

Ayumi Hamasaki (or “Ayu” as her fans call her) is one of the most well-known J-Pop stars in Japan and the World.

Originally from Fukuoka, Kyushu, the Japanese singer started her career in 1993 and still performs regularly in front of large audiences.

Read on to learn how to buy tickets for Ayumi Hamasaki shows in Japan (or scroll to the bottom if you are looking for shows in other countries).


1. Official Fan Club

Tickets will first be available to members of the official fan club. Some artists have only a Japanese fan club (or “member site”), which can only be joined with a Japanese address.
Others, also have an International fan club. If the concert is outside of Japan, tickets might not be available through to members of the Japanese club.


2. Pre-order Before General Sale

Before tickets go on sale, there are usually one or more pre-order periods. In Japan, pre-order lotteries are common: you enter a ticket raffle and can buy the tickets if selected after the lottery entry period has closed. These lotteries are usually announced on the official website or various Japanese ticket agencies. To purchase from outside Japan, you might need to order through a proxy service such as Tickets Galore Japan.

Order Tickets


3. General Sale

This is where the first-come-first-served sale starts. To participate, you usually need a verified account at a Japanese ticket agency. If you live abroad and can’t create such an account, the remaining options are purchasing through a ticket shopping service (such as Tickets Galore Japan) or an international resale site (see next paragraph).

4. Resale Tickets / Sold Out Shows

When concerts are sold out or difficult to get, resale tickets could be the only remaining option. Japanese resale sites such as TicketStreet or are difficult to navigate, though. Again, a Shopping Service such as Tickets Galore might be necessary to purchase from those sites.

There are also a couple of international sites, that list Japanese resale tickets:

Find Ayumi Hamasaki Tickets
Find Ayumi Hamasaki Tickets


Tickets for Hamasaki Ayumi Concerts Outside Japan

Hamasaki Ayumi have a history of touring in other regions of the world including the US and Europe. If you want to go to one of their headline shows or festival appearances, tickets as well as their upcoming tour dates are likely to be available at one of the outlets below.
Global Ticket Agency

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Resale Ticket Platform

Find tickets on Stubhub

Resale Ticket Platform

Find tickets on Viagogo