Our Charges

Final prices consist of five parts (JPY 100 are approx. 0.91 US$, as of Aug 2017):

  1. Ticket price
    The face value which is the price printed on the ticket. It doesn’t include the ticketing fees which are added by the ticket retailer (not us).
  2. Ticketing fees (system fees, lottery fees)
    Usually between JPY 316-1,030 per ticket.
  3. Our service fee
    Our fee is calculated based on the number of tickets per show, and their face value (details shown below).
    Note that there is an additional fee if it is necessary to pay in person at a convenience store.
  4. Shipping (only if not delivered by email)
    Registered and traceable mail: JPY 392 within Japan, JPY 900-2,000 to addresses outside Japan.
  5. Paypal fee
    5% of the total price

If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote (without obligations).

Last update: Sept 22nd, 2017

Service Fee Details

The fee is based on the table below. The prices in the table are “per ticket”. For tickets with face value above JPY 20,000 and/or more than four tickets, fees will be calculated upon request.

Price table Aug 2017