When is the best time to buy a ticket?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. The “best” time mostly depends on your situation and preference.

If you want to buy a ticket as cheaply as possible and you are okay with any type of seat/ticket number, it is usually better to contact us as soon as possible, to see if we can still buy tickets through regular sale or pre-order sale.

If you are looking for very good seats, these might only be available to fan club members which means that we have to buy them from resellers at market prices. Note that market prices fluctuate and tickets can become more expensive, but also cheaper as the date of the concert approaches. At the same time, the price level depends on how close the seats are to the stage.

We are committed to offer you tickets as cheaply as possible, while considering your seating preference. To find the right balance, it is best if you provide as much information as possible about your budget and how close you want to be to the stage. Also consider, that although fan club members can be bought very early, they are usually issued and shipped only around 2 weeks before the concert. The seat numbers are not known before a ticket is issued, thus, you will have to wait until that time to place your order if you want to know your seat beforehand.

To learn more about the different ticket sales phases in Japan, read our related article.

Can you always get tickets? If I pre-order tickets through you, will I get them for sure?

There are two types of pre-order systems: lottery systems and “first-come, first-served” systems.

Most pre-orders are based on the lottery system, which means that we are only able to provide the tickets if they are assigned to us in the lottery. Thus, we cannot confirm the tickets before we have received the lottery result.

A few pre-order systems let us reserve tickets without going through a lottery, so we can confirm them as soon as we have booked them on our side.

Please keep in mind that we reserve tickets only on-demand and thus cannot guarantee any tickets before making the reservation. It is possible that we have to try several lottery rounds until we are successful. In some cases no tickets are assigned to us, and the only remaining option is to buy from resellers. We recommend waiting with booking other travel arrangements before you have received our final booking confirmation.

Can you get me tickets for SHINee or Girl’s Generation?

Unfortunately, these are some of the few artists/groups for which we do not offer tickets for. Tickets for their concerts are usually only sold as cell phone tickets which we don’t handle.
If you don’t have the possibility to apply yourself, you might want to try to find another find who has spare tickets.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for not being able to help with your request.

Can I change my plans or cancel my order?

You can cancel your order anytime before you make a payment.

After you make the payment, the purchase is final and cannot be canceled.l

The amount you paid for the tickets is the maximum amount we can refund, even if the market price for the ticket has increased since your purchase. In other words, you cannot trade tickets for profit through our service.

Is the service fee lower if I order tickets for multiple shows?

The service fee is calculated based on the number of tickets per show. This means that it is calculated separately for every event or order. For example, if you ask for 1 ticket for show A, and 1 ticket for show B, the service fee will be 2x the fee for 1 ticket, not the fee for 2 tickets (even if ask for a second ticket for the same show, after ordering the first ticket).
See also pricing.

What if the event is canceled or rescheduled? Can I get a refund?

In most cases, we cannot give any refund because of restrictive refund regulations of Japanese ticket companies. However, these regulations differ from case to case so we might be able refund you in some cases. If you are present in Japan and have the tickets in hand, you might also be able to obtain the refund directly by yourself (you can ask us for instructions).

Tickets may also be valid for a re-scheduled show. In these instances, you will be offered this as an alternative to a refund if preferred.

Shipping costs and handling fees are not refundable. Refunds are sent in the same currency as your payment. If you already have the physical ticket in hand, timely and safe return of the tickets is crucial because there is only a limited time to receive a refund from the organizer.

Tickets cannot be refunded due to circumstances other than specified by the original promoter/organizer of the event. We cannot refund or re-issue lost or broken tickets, since Japanese tickets can only be issued once.

Will seats be next to each other?

If you order 2 or more tickets for the same concert seats will be together (unless stated otherwise).
Even if bought through a lottery, seats are guaranteed to be next to each other.

For some shows, it may not be possible to purchase three or more seats together. We will consult with you before we purchase, in that case.

In case of general admission/all standing shows, each ticket has an entry number and the audience will be let into the venue according to that number. If multiple tickets are ordered through us, we will provide sequential numbers or at least within a close range. Also let us know, if you have a specific preference.

Note that we usually cannot provide neighboring seats, if you decide to order additional tickets after your first order.

I have sent you a quote request more than 3 days (72 hours) ago, but haven’t received any reply!

Please excuse the delay. There might have been an unusual peek in orders or we might be experiencing other difficulties. We are a small team, and thus our capacity is limited.

However, the following reasons are also probable:

  • There might be a typo in the email address you provided. Did you receive the automatic confirmation e-mail, after you sent us a quote request? If not, this is the most probable reason.
  • Your spam filter might not like our emails. Please check your spam folder and add the domains partners.japanconcerttickets.com and japanconcerttickets.com to the exceptions in your spam filter.
  • You didn’t use the quote form but contacted us through normal e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. We only accept requests sent through the quote form.

If none of the above is the case, kindly send a short reminder to info@japanconcerttickets.com.

Can you buy me a certain ticket on Yahoo Auctions, ticket.co.jp or another site?

Yes, we might be able to help with that (only if the ticket has a “Buy Now” option). Please consult via the quote form.

Can you pay/print/send me a ticket I have already bought or won myself?

We might be able to pay it for you (contact us before applying/reserving, if possible). Please consult about printing/sending, by filling in the quote form.

Can I sell a ticket through you?

No, unfortunately we cannot help with that.

Can I get a receipt for my ticket purchase?

As soon as you have made the Paypal payment, you will receive a receipt email from Paypal.

I need a ticket for today/tomorrow! Can you help?

It is safer (and usually much cheaper) if you request tickets at least 7-10 days before the concert. We might be able to help with last minute requests but it depends on our schedule. Please don’t count on it as most of the time we have to say no.

Can you help me become a member in a fan club?

No, unfortunately we cannot.

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