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Below are some comments we have received from our previous customers. You can also check our Facebook page to see what people have to say about our service.

I would like to thank you so much for helping get them for us. It is great to deal with someone who is up front, honest and most of all personable and friendly. I never envisaged getting tickets to shows in Tokyo (even sold out one) would be this easy!

Murali K.Australia

I just got my ticket for tomorrows concert in Zepp Fukuoka! It was waiting for me at my hostel, very convenient. I highly recommend this service of great quality! And I will continue to use it in the future without any doubt.

Vivien F.France

We arrived in our hostel yesterday and received our tickets. Thank you very much with your help and we will definitely be using your services in the future if we need Japanese concert tickets. Your communication and service was amazing.

Roger C.Australia

Very good and reliable service getting Japanese concert tickets from abroad. Get in touch with Alan and he will sort everything out, small commission is worth it to remove the hassle.

Elliot L.Australia

Alan was super helpful and reliable when helping me score some tickets to Bob Dylan, would highly recommend his service to anyone!

Ronan B.Australia

It was a fabulous Golden Xmas Live! Thank you so much JapanConcertTickets.com. Merry Christmas!

Kirye A.France

Got my tickets for Tumbling Final today, so fast! Thank you so much! Better than I could have hoped for!

Krista A.USA

Excellent service from JCT and Alan! Sadly we didn’t win the lottery for the concert I want to see (LisAni Live), but true to JCT’s claim they gave the 100% refund as soon as I requested for it (and in less than 15 mins!) I’ll definitely get in touch with JCT if I need help with the general sale or if I need tickets for other concerts in the future.

Chryss B.Philippines

Thanks Alan, I really appreciate your help. I’ve used many ticket services over the years, as well as friends in Japan, and you have been the most professional.

Shaun M.USA

I am leaving 100% positive feedback about the ticket buying service offered here at Japan Concert Tickets and Alan. Alan was able to get me every ticket I asked for if it was not sold out already and was still available for sale on with the ticket agents.

They were willing to purchase tickets on the day of sale waiting weeks for them to become available and then trying to purchase them just like I would do here in America. They even help me set up a lottery attempt for one concert.

I must have had close to hundred e-mails back a forth over the different concert tickets I was looking to attend. I was flying in from America for a week and had six different concerts I wanted to attend.

Alan got me tickets for the lowest price since I did not have to buy them from an auction site. Even one of the concerts I purchased the show was cancelled and Alan took care of all the paperwork in getting my money back. The transactions were every easy, they purchase the tickets in your name then sent you the order to pick them up and any local 7-11 store in Japan. It was so easy to do!

It was very comforting to have Alan working with me to purchase concert tickets and they delivered on everything they say. There was a concert I wanted tickets (BABYMETAL) but Alan was not able to purchase them because they sold out immediately. Even knowing that they would he tried anyway.

That’s the kind of business Japan Concert Tickets is! I was able to get my tickets purchased and ready to pick up before heading over to Japan. I was not sure about using there service at first knowing about scam artists all over the internet but they came though.  When you a traveling across the world to see a concert you need someone who you can trust to get want you need a get them to you. Alan came through in every way. I trust him completely and will be using there service again the next time I come back to Japan.

Alan S.USA