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Ryota Katayose 2021 Live Streaming


Online Concert


2021 Mar 06


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


JPY 2,200


Japanese Pop/Rock

Ryota Katayose

Ryota Katayose is holding an online Fan Meet on March 6th, 2021!

Because it is not possible to meet face to face during this special time, EXPRESS MY MIND decided to hold the first online fan meeting of Ryota Katayose. Tickets are on sale now!

The event will be streamed from Japan and will include the following parts (details from the management):

  • Music scene
    In the first half of the meeting, Ryota Katayose himself will personally select and sing live performances of songs from various countries. Show off Ryota’s unique music world.
  • Presentation
    As a regular part of the meeting, we will review the course of the event since the end of the meeting in Shanghai in March 2019 with the photos.
  • Talk time
    In the content, Ryota Katayose personally selects questions from everyone in January, read the pen name and answer the questions. And have a variety of rich talk projects.
  • Special video
    The lyric video for the solo single “Possible” will be released.
  • Special announcement
    There will be major announcements, stay tuned.

Note that the stream can only be watched once, at the given time! No archived recording will be available.

Event Information
Open 18:30 / Start 19:00 (Japan Time)
Ticket price: JPY 2,200 (approx. US$ 21)