Bob Dylan Japan Tour 2014

Bob Dylan  14-date Japan Spring Tour 2014 Announced

The Japanese audiences are getting their fair share of “oldies but goodies” in 2014:
Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, Toto…and now Bob Dylan!

And Dylan must like Japan, as he is going to stay in Japan for around a month, playing 14 club shows.

2014.03.31 – Tokyo Zepp DiverCity
2014.04.01 – Tokyo Zepp DiverCity
2014.04.03 – Tokyo Zepp DiverCity
2014.04.04 – Tokyo Zepp DiverCity
2014.04.05 – Tokyo Zepp DiverCity (additional show)

2014.04.07 – Tokyo Zepp DiverCity
2014.04.08 – Tokyo Zepp DiverCity
2014.04.09 – Tokyo Zepp DiverCity (additional show)
2014.04.10 – Tokyo Zepp DiverCity (additional show)

2014.04.13 – Zepp Sapporo (Hokkaido)
2014.04.14 – Zepp Sapporo (Hokkaido)

2014.04.17 – Zepp Nagoya
2014.04.18 – Zepp Nagoya

2014.04.17 – Zepp Fukuoka (for your information, it’s pronounced “foo-quo-ca“)

2014.04.21 – Zepp Osaka
2014.04.22 – Zepp Osaka
2014.04.23 – Zepp Osaka

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Tickets will go on regular sale in January 18th but they can be pre-ordered through organizer’s website UDO artists.
If you have trouble navigating through the Japanese site and/or don’t have a Japanese credit card or address, check out our ticket service.

Seat Categories

For all shows, there are two types of tickets available:

I) First and second floor standing.
Usually the first floor is an all standing area while the 2nd floor standing area is behind the balcony seats.
Price: JPY 13,000

II) Second floor seats.
There are around 100-200 balcony seats in the Zepp venues.
Price: JPY 22,000

This is Zepp Tokyo DiverCity (other Zepp venues are very similar) taken from the balcony:(c)

The balcony seats:(c)

The standing area behind the balcony seats:(c)

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